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The following are classes and training offered by the staff of CFMI. This page includes class requirements, schedules, materials, and synopses.

MRI Safety Training Next Offered: 1st Tuesday Each Month
Completion of the CFMI MRI Safety Training Course is required for all investigators working in the facility.
The training will include a lecture, review of safety videos, and subject screening procedures followed by a short quiz.

Please fill out this sign-up form if you are interested in enrolling in this course.
9:00AM - 1:00PM
Preclinical Science Building, Lower Level, LM-14
ACR safety guidelines
MRI Screener
Commentary on ACR white paper

NSCI-521 Functional MRI: Theory and Practice Fall Semester
Functional brain imaging techniques are important tools for both neuroscientists and clinicians. In this course we will focus on functional MRI with an emphasis on understanding the relationship between the underlying neuronal changes and the signal changes measured using fMRI. Other topics will include experimental design, fMRI data analysis, and interpretation of results. We will also discuss the application of this technique to clinical and neuroscience research.

The course will include both lectures and hands-on labs. Students will conduct and participate in an fMRI experiment that will include design, implementation, data acquisition and data analysis. A project report will be required and include review of pertinent neuroscience literature, discussion of the methodological issues covered during the lectures and presentation and analysis of the experimental findings. There will be mid-term and final examinations to assess the students' general understanding of the material covered in these lectures. The mid-term exam will compose 30% of the final grade, the final exam 30%, and the project report 40%. The course is open to both graduate and undergraduate students.

Textbook: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2nd Edition
Huettel, Song and McCarthy
Sinauer Associates (2004)

Course Director: Dr. John VanMeter
Thursdays, 10:15am to 1:00pm
Location: MedDent Bldg, SEB3
NSCI-521 Syllabus
Lecture 1: History, Hardware, Safety
Lecture 2: Basis of the MRI Signal, Tissue Contrast, Spatial Localization
Lecture 3: Hemodyanmics
Lecture 4: BOLD fMRI
Lecture 5: SNR in fMRI
Lecture 6: Experimental Design
Lecture 7: Preprossesing fMRI Data
Lecture 8: fMRI Statistics Part 1
Lecture 9: fMRI Statistics Part 2
Lecture 10: Advanced fMRI
Handout: Bandettini, fMRI Methods, 2007
Handout: Spin Echo Experiments
Handout: Gradient Echo Experiments
Handout: Sur, Role of Astrocytes in Hemodynamics
Handout: Logothetis' paper on comparison of electrophysiology and BOLD
Handout: Logothetis' Review of fMRI
Handout: Basics of MRI signal formation and tissue contrast

Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging TBD
This course is designed to introduce basic principles and methodologies of magnetic resonance imaging.

Course Director: Dr. John VanMeter

Journal Club/Methods Lab Ongoing
This combination of Journal Club and Methods discussion group delves into the new developments in the neuroimaging field. All are invited
Every Thursday 1-2PM