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The Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging hosts researchers from both within and outside of Georgetown University. If you are a scientist interested in applying the CFMI's technology, expertise, and resources to your own research program, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate.

To establish and carry out a research project with CFMI, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Submit a Research Proposal
    The first step to establishing a working relationship with CFMI is to submit a research proposal. To do this, use the project request research proposal form. Your proposal will be reviewed, and you will receive an Accept or Reject notification email from CFMI. Rejected proposals will be accompanied by an explanation and/or suggested modifications. Accepted proposals will be accompanied by a unique project ID that is used to create an account.

  2. Create an Account
    After your research proposal has been accepted and you have been provided a unique project ID, we will create an account for you.

  3. Schedule fMRI Scan Time
    After a research account is created, users may access CFMI LOGIN and schedule scans on the fMRI Calendar.

  4. Preparing to Scan
    Participant information must be registered prior to a scan in a Logbook.

Important! It is the principal investigator's responsibility to ensure all investigators and researchers have the required safety training. Please familiarize your entire team with the information below (found in the pdf linked below):

Scheduling (Chapter 5, Section 1)
Billing (Chapter 4, Section 6)
Recruiting (Chapter 3, Section 5)
Console Room (Chapter 3, Section 3)
Logbook (Chapter 3, Section 6)

Download the Standard Operating Procedures Manual

At your scheduled time, following all instructions and policies.